Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of hiring a property tax consulting firm?
A: A professional property tax consulting firm, such as RPT, will conduct your appeal from start to finish. Only if the team is successful will you be charged a percentage of your refund.

Q: Should I attempt to appeal my taxes myself?
A: You are not legally required to obtain representation. However, property tax appeals are very complicated, time consuming and are most effectively handled by a professional advocate.

Q: The appraisal district’s information about the size of my property is not correct. Am I eligible for a refund from previous years.
A: The error can definitely be corrected for the current year and possibly adjusted for the previous four years.

Q: If my property is assessed at an extremely high rate but I missed the May 31st deadline to file for an
appeal. Is there any way to continue with an appeal?
A: Yes, a “substantial error correction appeal” can be filed as long as it filed by the January 31st tax
delinquency date.

Q: Is filing for a homestead exemption worth my time?
A: Yes, it can often lower your taxes by around 20%

Q: I was unsuccessful in appealing my property taxes last year, but my property still seems over rated
compared to similar neighboring properties. Can I protest my taxes again this year?
A: Yes, each year stands alone and you can protest unequal appraisal and market value.

Q: How is an unequal appraisal defined?
A: An unequal appraisal occurs when your property is assessed at a higher rate than similar properties. The professionals at RPT have this information and can accurately compare your property with other properties.

Q: I did not receive a mailed copy of my notice of assessed value and I did not protest. Can anything else be done to appeal my increased taxes?
A: Yes, an appeal can be filed under Texas Property Tax code 41.411 “failure to receive notice.”