Home Owners: How to Boost Your Appraisal Value

Cory is a frequent writer for Courthouse Direct. CourthouseDirect.com is an online database for public records including property tax reports, deed reports and real property documents.

A low appraisal on your home’s value can have a serious negative affect on the selling or refinancing process. There are steps you can take toward boosting the official appraisal of your home so it reflects the best value possible.

Curb Appeal

The outside of your property matters just as much as what the appraiser will see inside. Before the appraiser arrives, make sure your home has curb appeal. Take care of your lawns, including weeding and mowing the grass. Be sure the landscaping looks as though it is kept up with. This will improve the first impression made by your property by showing the appraiser, and anyone who passes by, that you take the time to care for your home.

Clean & Cared For

While an unmade bed or full laundry hamper should not negatively affect the appraisal of your home, it is important to make sure the home appears cared for and generally clean. If you want to boost the appraisal of your home be sure there are no pests, such as rodents or insects, and clean up anything that may seem neglected or unsafe. For example, a car that isn’t running should be moved into a garage and out of the way instead of taking up space on the front lawn. Repaint any peeling or damaged wall finishes to the best of your ability, repair plumbing and electrical issues, and make sure to finish as many ongoing home repair and upgrade projects as you can before the appraiser arrives.

Keep Records

An organized record of the updates you’ve made to your home since purchasing the property will give the appraiser an idea of the value you have added. Do not rely entirely on your memory of improvements, upgrades, and repairs you have made. Keep detailed records of when each upgrade was made and exactly what work was done. Hand this list to the appraiser before the appraisal begins.

Welcoming & Comfortable

An uncomfortable appraiser, no matter how thorough or professional they may be, is more likely to rush through an appraisal and potentially miss something. Keep pets securely away from the appraiser, make sure the temperature inside is comfortable, and be a polite and welcoming host. The more comfortable and welcome you make the appraiser feel, the more likely you are to boost the final appraisal.

When trying to sell or refinance your home, a good appraisal can make or break a successful outcome. Take care of your home, keep careful records, and be a welcoming host in order to boost your appraisal.