About Us

Our goal at Republic Property Tax is to reduce our clients’ tax burden by ensuring that their Houston property tax is fairly assessed. We do this by obtaining important data through commonly accepted methods of appraisal. After we collect the proper information, we will act as an advocate on your part and present the data to the local appraisal district so that it may be considered during the process of your property tax dispute.

To keep focus on our prime responsibility, RPT has set the below listed goals that we strive to meet to best serve our clients.

Community Interaction
The RPT team is constantly looking for ways to become more involved with our community. Being active in the community is a benefit to both our firm and clients by making professional contacts and relationships with individuals and other public institutions.

Comprehensive Professional Service
Republic Property Tax will provide the most inclusive professional services available in the industry. Our
services will be conducted with complete integrity, professionalism, and transparency. The RPT staff is always accessible and our firm stands accountable for any action that it is involved with.

Accessibility and Communication
Our system of web-based client care allows our clients and staff to have constant, easy communication with each other. This system can display the case status to the client and create reports that can be customized to the client’s specific needs. Clients will have easy access to relevant data about real estate, personal property, taxes, and general appeals information.

RPT is a firm that focuses on positive results for their clients which is commonly measured by the size of the refund from your tax appeal. Utilizing our firm can also help reduce possible future legal expenses by keeping you compliant with current property taxes. RPT can handle any of your property tax needs and even possibly
prevent clients from making expensive mistakes by detecting potential tax problems with future purchases.

Owning property in the Houston area can cost you more than it should sometimes. Contacting Republic Property Tax can help reduce your burden and is risk-free. If we can’t lower your property taxes, you owe us nothing.